Thursday, August 4, 2011

{one year}

One year ago today I was checking my email and found this:

Patrick and Amy,

We’ve just received a new referral into the Waiting Child Program from Korea

and I’m wondering if you might be interested in reviewing her file.

This little girl was born 2/13/10, at almost 34 weeks, at 5.5lbs....

I immediately called Patrick and told him I think this is it,

I believe they just sent us our daughter!

Two hours later we saw her sweet face for the first time.

And here we are one year later...
She is home, happy and such a joy.
We can't imagine life without her.

Happy Referral Day Evelyn!


  1. Congrats Amy and Patrick! So happy for you guys and Evenlyn! :)

  2. and my husband heard the phone call to patrick and didn't tell me! year later, i'm still holding a grudge!! :)

  3. Can you believe it has been a year! What a blessing I love your video when you see her for the first time. It is a priceless moment caught on tape. Love our asian angels!

  4. So, so precious!!! Happy Referral Day Anniversary!!!